How do we help?

Several ways:

By sponsoring scholarships:

RDGlobal KIDS believes that educating youth about the cultures that surround them, correlate to a direct benefit in both their local community and the global community too!

Scholarships promote youth engagement in their local communities and also lead to focused attention on their studies.

For every scholarship endowed – an entire community of students are inspired!

Read about the Johannes D Babor Graduate Scholarship here:

By donating technological equipment:

For example:

  • tablets
  • notebook computers
  • desktop computers
  • headsets
  • printers
  • etc.

By donating educational materials:

For example:

  • RDGlobal CULTURE (student version) – donated by RDGlobal Corp.
  • educational and language apps (i.e. Duolingo, ClassDojo. Science 360. Quick Maths. Amazon Kindle. PBS Kids Video. DragonBox. Spelling Stage.)
  • other student-related software (i.e. Microsoft Suite, Adobe, etc.)
  • workbooks
  • textbooks
  • self-study plans
  • stationary supplies
  • etc.

By providing formal or informal instruction:

For example:

  • public speaking (at schools, churches, or other institutions)
  • training
  • workshops and seminars
  • plans of self-study
  • etc.

How can you help?

Get involved | Donate| Support EDUCATION without BORDERS!

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